October 18, 2010

say hello from my rabbit snow!

Last holidays, I went to Taupo for play with snow! but it was crowded and quite hot over there so... I did not feel very well so I sit down and did this with my host brother, Joseph :-) my rabbit snow! how cute is it!
Hours later, I heard another family was talking about my Rabbit is the cutest ever rabbit snow they have seen! What a happy day!

Before we went to the top of mountain, my host dad remains us to don't eat the yellow snow...
yeah... too late for me I've already eaten it!

Ps. it was just snow mixed up with juicy powder which we normally put it in water:P

Ps2. I didn't eat dirty snow!! don't misunderstand!

A little gift from me again is

have a nice day everyone :-) enjoy your life and seize the days!

October 04, 2010

won't you settle down with me?

sorry guys but i just can't stop falling in love with this girl.
Check it out if you want to know
how adorable she is
Ps. also this mv (too adorable)


Tell me, this is a dream....
omg! how i love Kimbra

coolest girl i have ever seen.

check it out!

September 24, 2010

Hello, ELLE collection!

Hello, Elle winter collection!
I have been waiting for you like ages.
All I know,
I am really in love with you.

Ps. go get it ASAP

August 03, 2010

my perfume ads.

This is what I did all the first term in my design class:)

My perfume ads.

June 11, 2010

the way I am:)


Let me introduce myself again. My name is Thanda. It might be hard to call because it's Thai name. Yes,I'm definitely Thai but now living in Gisborne, New Zealand for finding what I wanna do in the future. What is my beloved thing for spend my whole life with it.... I think I already found.

I always like to design the jewelry and some of product. Actually,I love to design everything such as my life, my future even clothes or rooms and yeah... everything. My daddy said when I was little, I spent almost time for planning what I wanted to do and designed what he could do for me. It's so funny that I designed (should call I ordered) my dad too!

I'm atmosphere interested in art, history, fashion, social life,photography , cameras, travel, idea, architecture and deeply truly in Design :) especially with Jewelry and cloth.

this is the way I was and I am

follow my blog and let's see what's coming next...

June 06, 2010


let's dance with me, THANDA THANYA

This is my place to write something about my art works, photo or some interesting stuffs.

oh... well let's introduce myself.

My Name is THANDA G. R. THANYA does it sound weird? yeah i know I'm quite a weird person:0

Follow my blog and let's see what it's gonna be....